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三月 2009

Written By: TOASTIES MONSTER on 三月 29, 2009 No Comment
Wong Ka-kui tribute concert

Getting Paul Wong, Wong Ka-keung, and Yip Sai-wing together at a concert is no insignificant feat. The members of Beyond – probably the most important rock band Hong Kong has ever produced – haven’t been together on stage since their 2005 farewell tour. Throughout that tour, Paul and Kakeung were at loggerheads because of a […]

Written By: TOASTIES MONSTER on 三月 23, 2009 No Comment
Written By: TOASTIES MONSTER on 三月 1, 2009 No Comment
Beyond’s Wong Ka-Keung pays tribute to his brother

Fifteen years after the death of Hong Kong’s leading voice in rock, Wong Ka-Kui’s bass-playing brother has started a tribute series to honour his memory. Wong Ka-Keung hints to Hamish McKenzie that it could be special for more than one reason

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